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~ Luna ~

(Trafox Blue Baby to Waywens)


Luna is an extremly charming and funny girl from Trafox Kennel in Finland.

She loves to cuddle, play around and she's very easy-going. She has a strong and loving character, and she loves all sorts of attention. She has the magic ability to make you fall in love in a heartbeat and there's no way out. When training she is easily motivated and a fast learner - but she usually do things her way, which, of course, is the better way of doing things...Well, at least if you ask her!


She will hoepfully have her first litter here in early spring of 2015!



  • Imported from Finland.
  • Born 2013-01-21 (SE39186/2013)
  • Owner: Viveka Jonasson
  • HD: B/B
  • MH (mental health description)
  • Her father is cymraeg Ci Hurricane, a gentle and kind tri-colored male from Belgium.
  • Her mother is Yardican Iwin, a lovely blue merle-bitch with lots of gorgeous features.
  • Pedigree: http://www.cardiped.net/details.php?id=86769