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Welcome to Waywens Kennel!


I live in a apartment with wonderful surroundings of forest and land. You'll find me in Skövde. I moved down here with my 2 Welsh Corgi Cardigans (Aylen and Luna) in may 2015 to live with my boyfriend. I own 4 corgis, but have only 2 at home - my corgis are;


  • Aylen (Blondie's Indian Summer), my heart and soul. She's imported from Denmark, Blondie's Kennel, at 8 weeks and have had 2 litters here. She lives with me.
  • Luna (Trafox Baby Blue to Waywens) is my blue little angel. She's Neos halfsister and she's imported from Finland, Trafox kennel, at 10 weeks. She's a funny girl with a huge heart and a lot of cravings for intimacy. Luna lives with me and she had her first litter born july 2015 - go to "puppies" to find out more.


  • Goofy (Blondie's Johnny Be Good) is my stud who lives with co-owner in northern Sweden. Goofy is, just as Aylen, from Denmark, Blondie's Kennel. He has 2 litters, one at Qwirhaukens kennel and one at Trafox kennel, Finland
  • Lova (Trafox Love Me Tender) is the newest member in the pack. She's Goofys daughter from Trafox Kennel in Finland. She lives with a wonderful co-owner in Stockholm. She has a strong personality and she's a lot like her father, Goofy in so many ways, both physically and psychically. She's so funny, courageous, curious and extremely social - I can't wait to see what the future holds for her! She's a true champion in both mind and heart.


To find out more information about them go to "dogs".


I only have about 1 litter per year, or less, and my goal is to breed healthy dogs; both physically and psychically.



If there's anything you want to know, feel free to contact me!



Aylen, me and Luna